A south african expression. 2 meanings:
1) When you get ''guyed'', it means somebody has done something to you with the intention of making you look stupid, inferior, unpopular or make you look like a general ass. You can be guyed in several ways, including being insulted, bad mouthed or being made a joke of.

Meaning 2) An expression made by the hands to show dislike to somebod. This hand signal is made by curling in the ring and pinky fingers into the palm whilst your middle and index finger are pointing toward the person. The thumb then moves in a hammer like action between the ''thumbs up''position and the knuckle of the index finger. i.e. making a gun shape with the hand.
meaning 1) three kids walking to class:
John : ''Hey kyle, how was that jol (party) last night?''

Kyle : ''Ya bru, it was sick!''
Mark: ''The girls were so easy, dude, I got laid in 10 minutes!''
John: ''You shoulda seen your sister, kyle, she was such a slut, she almost fucked you''
Kyle: ''What the fuck dude, why did you guy me so overs?''
Mark: ''Ya John, you guyed him bad''

eg 2: ''Mike guyed me so overboard. Telling all the chicks that I had ghondorea! What the fuck?''

meaning 2) a geek is walking back home and a young gheyer is waling behind him. He then puts his hand into the ''guying position'' and begins to move his thumb between ''thumbs up'' and the index knuckle, whilst aiming the gesture to the back of the geeks head. Geek turns around.
Geek: ''Why are you pointing your hand in the shape gun at my head?''
Gheyer: ''I am guying you because you are a puss!''
by pevox July 6, 2009
A popular game in the Midwest, East Coast and California Bay Area. The first player says something, and the other players respond to whether it is "Guys" or "Not Guys."
Guys or Not Guys is not only a great American past time, but it is fun for all ages.

ChoreBoy asked Finch whether he thought his buttix looked Guys or Not Guys. Finch stated "Not Guys!" because he saw absolutely no smears of stool on his cheeks.

"Peking Duck, Guys or Not Guys?" Guys! Pustifer responded.
by GerthPaul December 16, 2022
a masculine, sports loving, sociable guy who likes to hang out with his buddies
Look at this guy.... he's the life of the party, now's that a guy's guy.
by Bhursty1180 August 18, 2011
A man who exhibits characteristics of a traditional male role model. He is likely knowledgeable in a wide variety of practical skills. He tends to be modest and friendly, helping others freely, but exudes confidence. Others may look up to him and seek him out for help or advice.
Not only does he grill a mean steak, but at his barbeque last week he figured out a problem with my car that's baffled me for weeks! It seems like he knows what he's doing with everything, He's a real guy's guy.
by Rider_996 December 24, 2013
1. When two or more guys kiss and make out and get off together. A quick kiss or grope doesn't count. Extended tongue action and fondling are required for an act to be guy on guy. Most of the time this ends when they wank each other until they come (because guys are good at wanking). Guys who are more familiar with each other, or kinky, will 69 and suck cock and rim and have butt sex.

2. Porn for girls. The type of porn in which all participants are hot and generally getting off on the proceedings. Participating in a guy on guy moment is the number one female fantasy.
Julie: Did you get that Mad TV guy on guy youtube clip that I sent you?
Jodie: Omg that was so hot, do you think that all guys really do that?
by PHolden May 21, 2013
Greeting used often by overzealous lebanese guys. Is often accompied by a tour of the new apartment and mass quanties of 7-uP.
*door knocks*
Flying Star - Hello?
Noid - it's us
*door opens*
Flying Star - Guys Guys Guys
by foug January 12, 2005
A Guy Guy is usually an immature male who is obsessed with the college life. They do not live near beach towns, but during the summer that's where they can be found. They can be seen usually on 32nd street in Longport NJ in their Old Navy flowered board shorts, a white wife beater tank top, addidas flip flops(sometimes with socks), a puka shell necklass tight around their neck, usually sporting an upside down visor and spiked or gelled and high lighted hair. They can be heard talking to their Guy Guy friends about frats, college parties and girls. They usually spend their time tossing a foot ball around between themselves or strollng the shore line looking for women. They are insecure and gay and are having a hard time hiding it.
The Guy Guy's were flocking to the beach today, they all had their fresh Old Navy flowered boardshorts on.
by Ben Graeff May 20, 2008