Regan is a girl that no matter how hard you try you can't stop thinking about her. Whether you spoke to her yesterday or 3 years ago you still think about her everyday!

She is somebody that can make you laugh uncontrollably, somebody who can make you want to be yourself around her and somebody who can change your world without even trying... She is a gift, something that shouldn't be taken for granted, something that you will forever hold dear to you because you got to know her and who she really is! She is the perfect woman! The person you dream about, the girl you'll think about before you go to sleep, and the person you'll think about when you wake up! But you won't be the lucky person who gets to talk to every morning, and you won't get to say goodnight?!?

If you ever find yourself lucky enough to know a Regan, then tell her everyday how beautiful, genuine and amazing she is. Cause one day she will be gone and all you'll have left is memories.
Regan is such a great friend! I love her!
by Chloe Conway July 8, 2017
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I'm going to say something else.

The name "Regan" translates to "Little king" and is a "unisex" name. (Both genders)

As a Regan myself, please do not call other Regan's Reagan, it is very annoying and frustrating D:<

(Unless that Regan is annoying, then feel free to do so.)

I would talk more about Regan's, but I would be bias, if you do know a Regan respect them. (And don't call them Reagan)
Regan, not to be confused with Reagan :)
by iGood August 7, 2018
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An absolute queen. A gorgeous, amazing person who makes the perfect girlfriend. She’s sweet and sexy. She’s never afraid to give her opinion and stand up for what she believes in. She’s stubborn and gives an attitude when pissed but also is the most thoughtful, caring, intelligent, and athletic person you will ever meet. If you ever find yourself lucky enough to meet a Regan never ever ever let her go. Give her never ending trust and affection because she admires it so very much. Treat her with respect and always be honest with her because she’s so understanding and forgiving and she’ll never hurt you
You met a Regan? Never let her go!
by Queenanonymous June 23, 2018
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A beautiful, caring girl who is bound to make anybody’s day better. Every time you get around her you just seem to lighten up and all your worries go away. You can talk to her when you’re down and she will never let you fall. She is sure to make a bad day better. She’s sure to make you smile, even when she isn’t trying. She doesn’t realize how beautiful she truly is. But you have to remind her anyway. Because she is beautiful. She’s easy to stay up till 1:00 talking on FaceTime and not even realize how late she is. She’s a woman you should treat right, and never let go.
Me:”I can’t quit thinking about Regan!”
by Nnnnnnnsjjsjsjsjsj March 4, 2019
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Regan is the one person in life that truly deserves love, she's the one person who is worth the wait, she is the perfect example of a goddess. Regan is beyond gorgeous, with her soft lips, calm warm blue/grey eyes, soft hair, and prominent cheekbones, she is beauty incarnate. She's so beyond the word beautiful, this definition doesn't even give her justice. Regan is the perfect example of the perfect girl, who is just as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. She knows how to be sassy, and if you get her mad, she can beat the living s**t out of you if she really wanted to; she is the meaning of perfection. The whole world couldn't be traded for a Regan, she's too valuable; the currency for Regan's are the Universe, and even those cant fully fulfill her true expense. Anne doesn't know how amazing she is, but she truly is the meaning of every possible definition and every unheard synonym of the word " perfection."
Regan is so sweet and beautiful and perfect. She reminds me of the old Vanessa Hudgens.
by Chloe Conway July 19, 2017
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A feisty, intelligent young woman. Someone who knows what she wants and works hard to get it. Is also known to be: extremely fun-loving, loyal, quick-witted, and sarcastic, but will stand by your side at all times.
Don't mess with me, I'm with Regan!
by umbrellatree February 2, 2010
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Regan is a beautiful young woman. She knows what she wants, and gets it. She is very good at relationships and spelling. Whatever it is you can count on Regan to do it right. She is loving, and all the boys fight over her for her smarts and looks.
Regan is looking hot today
by Alllaya May 13, 2015
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