A name typically belonging to a beautiful, strong, dynamic and charismatic female. Often, perhaps misjudged by others.
Ryan: Have you seen Meredith today?

Kelly: No, I haven't. But I heard she is busy in rehearsal.

Ryan: Yes, she is a wonderful woman, but don't cross her.

Kelly: She is my best friend. You can always count on her if you are on her good side.
by Mepseudonym August 19, 2013
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A beautiful, charming, sophisticated ans poised woman. Meredith(s) are generally nice, loving, loyal friends. A Meredith is someone who knows how to be a lady, and yet she has a backbone as well. Meredith(s) are great freinds, if you know a Meredith, keep her close.
Guy 1: Hey, who is that nice lady who sits next to you in philosophy?

Guy 2: Her name is Meredith.

Guy 1: Dude, she is awesome!
by GREEKORLATIN? March 14, 2013
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Meredith is the girl you can always rely on. She truly enjoys helping you out and though she may give horrible social cues, you can trust her. Meredith is also very laid back and can handle problems well, which is why you should go to her for everything. She is a social butterfly but she only has a few close friends. Meredith also likes being sarcastic and has a very deep, dark sense of humor. She's quite intellectual but she doesn't have much common sense.
"Meredith, I need your help. You willing to listen?"
"Always, bruh. Always."
by upyourbooty January 27, 2015
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Meredith(s) are very pretty, but will refuse to admit it. They will always be there for you if you need to vent or talk things out. Even when not in a relationship, they still give the greatest advice on relationships issues. She is a very loyal friend and will always be by your side through the happy and bad times. A Meredith can be humble, but always know when to be a bi**h. They know when to talk and when to keep quiet. They usually are considered “popular” but will only have a small group of friends that they truly trust.
Boy: “Hey have you heard about what Meredith did?”
Girl: “Yes! She helped Jessica when she was crying at the party last night.”
Boy: “I hope I can be friends with Meredith. She seems cool.”
by fuck ice age baby October 21, 2019
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The most beautiful person you will ever see. A Meredith is a smart, intelligent, awesome girl that everyone wants and wishes to be.
Wow she is really pretty, is want to be just like that Meredith
by Dogsrulealot101 March 15, 2017
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Meredith is the name of a person you can trust to be your best friend. She is also a person whom you love no matter how idiotic she may act. They also have the tendency to make you laugh even when you're in a crapp mood. Overall, a Meredith is what a true friend should be.
1: "Gosh, my best friend is so dumb."
2: "You should go find yourself a Meredith. She'll make everything better."
1: "Gee, thanks!"

1: "What do you think of that Meredith girl?"
2: "I think she's the $*!t :."

"Hey Meredith, pro bono pro bongo?"
by jpatel93 February 7, 2009
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One who acts immature,
but can make you laugh and pee yourself,
She is Very Pretty.
Sort of a pushover, but does not allow somethings.
Loves to be caring and just wants her friends
and family to love her.
Academically smart, but she can be slow.
Very very sweet!
Sexy, very sexy!
Very shy at first, but a nice fun perso can bring the
Ghetto ass fun self out of her.
Look at that very very cute creature!

It must be a meredith.
by Yourmomsucksweiner December 9, 2009
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