A person who gets something he/she wants.
People who can smile in any situation are the best winners in life.
by Secondary Metabolite May 16, 2022
Someone who is considered the biggest douchebag and thinks he's top shit even though he's just too full of himself.
Boy, Beth sure is dating a winner! I heard he took the seat off his own bike because of the way that it felt!
by B-To-The-Rady April 25, 2011
Unlike those losers at Warner Bros or CBS, Charlie Sheen is a Winner.
by tedhollister March 11, 2011
a person or thing that wins; victor.

2. Albana D.
Albana D. (Future S) is a WINNER because she gets two LSC in one day and closes on every deal
by M-Slot87 June 19, 2017
Retard AKA Wintard. Derived from a Special needs department called W.I.N which stands for Warriner Inclusion Network in "The Warriner school" Bloxham, Oxfordshire, England.
Bobby:Oi come on Xbox!

Lawrence:No im doing homework!

by Danielle Hayward October 30, 2011