Top of the line. Best in its class. An adjective, meaning high-quality, that is preferred by those of color.
Ay dawg, those pamphlets are top shit!
by Mike aka Scorponok October 23, 2007
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The simple bitch who uses everyone for money, rides, and whatever it takes, but when called out on it, calls everyone “Top Shit
“Hey did you hear about Desiree? She’s a “Top ShitBitch
by DarthNater November 18, 2017
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Used as a description of habitual "wingman" escapades at parties and clubs. This is principally seen as a very strong and important bond between two so-called "players" with their eyes firmly on the prize (women). These said individuals employ strategic moves and move swiftly when opportunity arises. Just as fighter pilots are expected to do, they watch each other's back with the utmost dedication and also employ the agenda of "bros before hoes."
John (to Jake): What are those douchebags doing over there?

Jake: Looks like they got that Top Gun Shit. We should try that.
by mkdamaestro October 14, 2010
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A person that truly believes that they are above all others, but their usually just lonely, poor individuals.
Look at this guy, waltzing around the place like he's "Top Shelf Shit".
by TheKingOfKings. February 11, 2012
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You tell this when something is realy amazing or cool...
Brian : look i got a new car
Mike : uff, its top shit
by PraviDečkoKiMaRadBanane October 16, 2020
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