Windows ME

aka "Megaflop Edition"

We have banned ME from the building. We bought one copy, and installed it. We left the machine running overnight, and were greeted with a BSD next morning. Sitting there doing nothing ME will explode on its own.

Given that Microsoft collected money for this P.O.S. and made no apology for its brain deadness, it could also aptly be named....

"Malfeasance Edition"
by Anthony Watts June 02, 2004
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A 32/16-bit OS created by Microsoft in 2000.It was the final version of Windows to be based on what was then the 20 year old DOS operating system.ME had better multimedia support then it's sibling,Windows 2000,but had horrible driver support.ME also was also fairly unstable.In fact,it's well-known instability inspired a Japanese internet meme:ME-Tan.
Windows ME was mostly BSOD after BSOD,but at least it played my video files.
by weliketopartyinmypants April 14, 2006
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Crap os that i have unfortunately got install on my pc. The ME part is an abbreviation of many errors
RRRRGH Windows ME crashed again i wish i had XP any donations send to.......(deleted)
by ben December 14, 2003
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If you thought Windows Vista was bad...

Meet its deadbeat, alcoholic, domestically abusive, child-support-dodging father: Windows ME.

Known Aliases:

Windows Mistake Edition
Windows Miscarriage Edition
Windows Motherfucking Embarrassment
Windows Migraine Experiment
Windows Misunderestimated Errors
Windows Menopausal Extravaganza
Windows Marijuana Exhibition
Windows Momentarily Expendable
Windows Major Emergency
Windows May Explode
Windows MEH
Windows Memorably Epileptic
Windows Mimicked Evangelists
Windows Mysterious Entity

Windows Manufactured Estrogen
Windows Metaphorical Mother-in-Law
Goddamn, were Microsoft's programmers smoking PCP when they coded Windows ME?

Windows ME makes my calculator feel proud.

Who the fuck, in their right mind, would use Windows ME?
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Add this to AOL Broadband, Kazaa, if it's a Tiny computer, then life is at it's worst.
by Dark Prime March 14, 2005
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The most God-awful OS a hard drive will ever be subject to. Any hard drive worth the silicon in its circuits will commit suicide uponbeing asked to hold this operating system within it.
Thank you computer. You crashed, saving my eyes from the blinding crappiness that is Windows ME.
by Shawn E. April 15, 2003
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crappiest windows OS ever created. even win98 was better. it wasnt ready when micro$hit released it. also it uses the crappyass fat32 file system rather than the sexy NTFS that NT/2K/XP use.
"damn i wish i had win2k or winxp... im stuck with this crappy winme... its so crashy im goin nuts!"
by amd>intel December 26, 2003
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