A person thats a mommas boy incest
Was bullied at school nykka
Multiple suicide attempts suicidal mongoloid
Issues with their own body manboobs egghead basketball head eunuch
I'm a winder. I should go do some doxxing to make myself feel good inside.
Momma's lost interest in me because my head looks like a oversized basketball.
At least i have suicide if i need it.
by Chad Romero December 7, 2019
Close the damn winder. The raccoons are tryin to git out again.
by Jokay34 October 24, 2016
1.Person who takes it up the ass from a phenomonon known as "Teh quota", and "Teh Eldridge"

2. A fucking moron.
1. Man, that Winder sure is a little whiny bitch.

2. Gah, more rules? Damn you Winder!
by Suck it December 8, 2004
"Don't chu open up that winder, don't chu let out that brender"
by jvaldez January 18, 2016
Abbreviation of 'Sidewinder'
Abbreviation of wordSidewinder
1. In tenpin bowling, a gutter ball.
2. A person who is well-known for often sending down such gutter balls.
(Also: Sidewinder, Winder)
Oh no, another Winder. Maybe Sidey should try bowling like Special.
by Davo October 14, 2003
"Who the fuck that is peepin' in my winder? I sell hot dogs like a vendor."
by Fat Cawk Johnson January 5, 2016
Redneck Version of "Windows". The glassy things that you can normally see through that fill in some of the big holes in the walls of you house or mobile home. The other things are called doors.
Cletus cleaned the winders to ours new trailer.
by Brian November 5, 2003