It originated in Bombay as a way to describe actors who played non-main roles.
In conversation means kinda lame/second rate/uncool/weird.
A: dude this party has no girls
B: wow this is fucking sideyyy, lets bounce
A: Wow you guys only talk with each other online?
B: thats hella sidey lol
by tivmas July 1, 2011
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A Sidey is a person who would more than definitely perform a wreckless stunt just because his mates told him to do so. Unfortunately, a Sidey is a person who does these acts, but invariably gets the timing wrong thus landing on his face, head, neck, or anywhere that could potentially break bones.
"I see Frank was trying some parkour stunts at the swimming baths the other day?"

"Yeah, he was pulling a Sidey and broke his foot...again!"
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A sidey is a side gf/bf , a side bitch, witch is a girl/guy that you with wile already having a bf/gf
"when bitch be mad a me for shit I just Netflix and Chill with my sidey homie like real ass nigga"
by StHBG_ULT. November 29, 2015
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Abbreviation of 'Sidewinder'
1. In tenpin bowling, a gutter ball.
2. A person who is well-known for often sending down such gutter balls.
(Also: Sidewinder, Winder)
Gokkie: "Oh no Sidey, another Winder"
Sidey: "Oooooh, f**k you Garrath!"
by Davo October 14, 2003
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When there is a rip located in the side of a pair of jeans, a female may insert her hand and begin to stroke the penis, untill the male orgasms
man your mom ripped my jeans with her teeth and gave me A Sidey
by BDON & JB July 14, 2009
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Pal from europe. Profit to the world of Sheeptag. Hard guy, he's a hard nut indeed.
Sidey:'' Want to clanwar realm against realm?''
us:''Whatever, bring it.''

clanwar goes 3-3

Sidey:''Owned noobs''
us:''Geezez Dude, its just a game~~''
by Anonymous May 7, 2006
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a person who is so stupid they dont sit with normal people when sitting exams they have to sit over on the side because they are a spazz or a retard
"Your such an idiot you shud be a sidey!!"
Or "O'Leary is a sidey!!"
by Peppercorn November 20, 2006
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