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Brender - One who brends. A brend is a process in which you take RDFa that you "like" and brend it with other brenders on social media or other media channels.
Imagine how it will feel to wake up and see your your brend as a brender is REWARDING you EVERY DAY in a variety of ways...The best part? The rewards are the result of doing things we are already doing everyday (like brending songs, pictures, and games throughout our social graphs). Rippln HQ and Brending LLC An Ohio Company is excited to release a new cartoon that gives a broad OVERVIEW of how the Brending Rippln Rewards game works. This is the FIRST in a series of videos that will help educate, entertain, and enlighten the marketplace of how the rewards will be shared inside the Rippln ecosystem. We begin our new series with the story of a normal day in the life of Joe, (brender) waking up to his cell phone ... brenders everywhere. The video email will explain why many technology experts and entrepreneurs believe that Rippln will be remembered as the Renaissance responsible for the shift in our world as we know it today. Most folk are nomal people that just want to use the internet the way they like not what others think you like. That's why Joe was created. Joe Brender ROCKS! (pun) For the first time all the brenders of the world (aka- the Ripple Makers) (aka -brending brigade) are integrated into the Billions of dollars THEY are creating for tech companies. Keep Rippln! Rippln HQ Did you "like" it when you reddit ? Text RippleTeam to 90210 today and plug in as a brender with other brenders brending brends every day for free.
by Kiwanis2015 June 21, 2013
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