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The act of checking something out; To look at. Aka: "peeping" (present tense form of "peep")
I'm peepin' this new club tonight.
by Adam March 13, 2003
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when you're at the pisser and you can sense the guy next to you glancin at your dick
"dude watch out when you go to that restroom, some guy was pee'pin at my junk!"
by mac n steez February 26, 2009
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a lame ass word used by immature girls from the bay area to describe a penis
Als peepins is so huge that you would need a telescope to see the tip
by sharks fan November 02, 2006
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Verb. 1.) To check out a person of the opposite sex.

2.) To examine.

3.) To spot out and take something that does not belong to you.

1.) "Dude, I was peepin some broads last night."

2.) "Hey, did you peep those sneakers in the window?"

3.) "I just peeped the last slice of pizza. Too bad."
by GKenns January 03, 2008
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when you sit down while sagging your jeans and people can see up your boxers, straight to your ass in extreme cases
Ay Daddy Swan you peepin'

Oh shit my fault
by DJpettyFLY April 25, 2011
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Noun: a 2nd tense pronoun used to casually address a close friend or homie; originally derived from the colloquial pronoun usage of 'pimpin' and informed by former Chicago Bulls forward, Scottie Pippen; to call someone 'pippen' often implies that they are your sidekick (see Scottie Pippen to Michael Jordan), therefore, peepin' retains some of the demoralizing tone therein
Yo peepin' what's happenin'?
You best check yourself peepin'!
It's called puff-puff pass for a reason peepin'
by Dave Goldstein November 04, 2017
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