One of the nicest people you can ever meet. He's very funny. He loves staying at home. He loves playing sports and he loves playing video games.
Eldridge is the love of my life.
by DecayZeRo April 28, 2019
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Eldridge is a goofy, yet quiet individual. Often a male, and very attractive. Eldridge is very smart and loves to play sports. Eldridge likes to be at home but also knows how to have fun. This individual is amazing and looks for a brianna in each girl he meets.
Eldridge is so smart and cute!

You must be an eldridge, youre very quiet
by Themostwantedakdjdb November 05, 2013
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Self Obsessed, morally corrupt,alien worshipping, psychotics who cannot function without drama. This also includes having a heightened sense of smell,sight,and hearing gifted to you by your alien gods.
After hanging out at courtney's for so long I noticed I caught the eldridgeism and started to complain about everything.

Dude you're acting like an asshole, you must be studying eldridgeism.

Stop opening your legs you eldridgizer.
by Cohorts October 24, 2009
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