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A painful activity in which a man, using the stiffest and pointiest part of his pelvic region, repeatedly stabs a female in her crotch until he feels satisfied. Can also take place between two men, in which one male stabs the other in the bum. Lesbian "sex" may be fun and all, but it aint real sex unless there is some sort of stabbling going on, perhaps with a cleverly shaped hand or steel dildo.
Time to have sex, Sally Struthers!
by suck it December 08, 2001

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A name given to a man with the largest genitals among his group of friends.
Hey im the jiztizz.
by SUCK IT June 13, 2004

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1.Person who takes it up the ass from a phenomonon known as "Teh quota", and "Teh Eldridge"

2. A fucking moron.
1. Man, that Winder sure is a little whiny bitch.

2. Gah, more rules? Damn you Winder!
by Suck it December 08, 2004

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The true heaven

we all go there
We all sin so we fukin go to hell
by Suck it September 07, 2004

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jenky as in when u cream your jeans and it all comes out jenky
man i made a huge jennnnnnnky
by suck it March 18, 2005

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