3 definitions by Chad Romero

Macron is a name for a person that's unemployed and gets by living off the government whilst being a e-begger and doxxer
I used to dontate to Macron because i felt sorry for him living below the poverty line. But i made the mistake of donating and that gave him my personal information. Now i have non stop pizzas sent to my home
by Chad Romero December 6, 2019
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A person with mild mental retardation. suicidal mongoloid
Wants to be funny, but is unable to communicate in English and humans cant understand whats coming out. Also known as a DS dipshit or a Downie
"Get em Down South."
"fedlpewkm'pfrgimv p'etirgjmreimfgqwepriogmwp4et'igmqw4pmfq45p3o tcmq3perotjweroigtwetroigmwtr"
-Queue Crickets
by Chad Romero December 12, 2019
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A person thats a mommas boy incest
Was bullied at school nykka
Multiple suicide attempts suicidal mongoloid
Issues with their own body manboobs egghead basketball head eunuch
I'm a winder. I should go do some doxxing to make myself feel good inside.
Momma's lost interest in me because my head looks like a oversized basketball.
At least i have suicide if i need it.
by Chad Romero December 7, 2019
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