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Doxxing, by way of "name-dropping," is document (doxx) dropping. It's publicly exposing someone's real name or address on the Internet who has taken pains to keep them secret. Also spelled "doxing."
"She calls herself 'Connie from Fat City' but someone outed her real identity and location as Karen last name from Palo Alto,' even giving street address, and put it all over the web."

"I hate that kind of doxxing. It's mean."
by al-in-chgo April 24, 2014
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Hacking someone's social media or financial account for the purpose of using there personal information against them. Can be used for Identity theft or stalking and harassment.
Hym "Doxxing is a problem that is slept on. The people I've talked to about it with either didn't know what it or don't understand the gravity of the situation."

Hym Iam "The don't understand until it happens to them. It was kind of funny actually. She said we were his 'Target'."

Hym "I don't think she knew what he meant. He isn't all there so she probably dismissed it as trivial."

Hym Iam "Well, if he said to her the words 'Targeted Individual' he was confirming that we are in fact being gang stalked."

Hym "She doesn't understand that. She treats him with kid gloves and doesn't understand the gravity of the situation."

Hym Iam "That's why violence may be necessary. If the only reason it is allow to happen is because it is trivialized by the people committing the act and because noone gets hurt. Then, someone may need to get hurt to expose the act as a serious matter."

Hym "There has to be another way."

Hym Iam "The only alternative is see it to allow them to place us in a position where our loved ones are perpetually at risk or stalled and harassed in kind. Or live our lives as one of the 'True Forced Alone' types"
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by Hym Iam January 10, 2019
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