A totally awesome man that loves God and is a great husband. He has overcome many battles over the years and finally came to meet the love of his life. He is smart, funny, sexy, and loving.
I love you Wilhelm
by Lilbopeepthatfoundhersheep February 18, 2021
He is very sexy and very good in bed. He have green or blue eye colour. He is very athletic and has a very big dick. He is very nice and you are very lucky if you know a Wilhelm
Girl: Omg he is so hot
Other girl: Yeah i know hes name is Wilhelm
by qwesitysq December 2, 2019
Wilhelm, the name of someone who seems like a cool dude, they non-stop study. You presume, both of you hardly ever talk, matter of factly you hardly even know anything about the guy. You've never seen his face either, but none the less he still seems like a chill, possibly introverted person? Whom you could probably get on really well with, if you ever had a long lengthy convo.
"Woah. Wait. Wilhelm just popped up."
"That pretty chill dude?"
"Yeah that pretty chill dude."
by ThisIsAnAwesomeAssUsername April 10, 2018
Penis, best used with a mock german accent
{woman walks in all sexy}

Bill: Oh mein wilhelm ist so erect!
Bob: Ja i have ze boner
John: What the fuck is wrong with you guys...
by BlueAndroid August 12, 2014
A Guy with a long curved dick.
And is really bad at fortnite.
Fok off jy en jou vriend Wilhelm
by Mr afrikaans January 25, 2019
Synonym: A man-boy with a chode-like penis that is in the shape of a ram's horn.
Girl: "My boyfriend is Wilhelm, whenever he gets erect, his trousers look like a Willy Wonka lollipop."
by Earnshaw December 14, 2014
1. A German name which is also equivelent to the name Wilson. Also means Will Helmet.
2. A slang term for the Wilhelm Scream
- Hey Mr. Wilson...what is your address?
-I told you that it is Mr. Wilhelm!

-I love the band A Wilhelm Scream!
-So you love Wilhelm?
by Nero the Great June 4, 2008