Dude 1- "Oh it was that one dude who was a b-baller and raped that chick"

Dude 2- "Kobe Bryant"

Dude 1- "Ya that dude"
by Shaq October 30, 2003
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One Rude Dude


Any cat who wholeheartedly believes they are the real deal could legitimately refer to themselves as such.

The phrase was ironically turned on its head, formerly being the moniker of knockabout heavyweight boxer Georgies Geronimo who competed within the amateur circuit.

Geronimo, who also went by the ring name of The Buffalo Prince was widely regarded to be anything but cool with his bright ginger hair and swaggering toward the ring with the handle of a rubber mallet between his teeth; the 1973 hit "Brothers Gonna Work It Out" by Willie Hutch played.

Locally, he developed a level of infamy for his gimmick which was to grab the ringside mic of any one of the commentary team before entering the ring and shouting "I am One Rude Dude. This dude eating beans tonight!"
"You are One Rude Dude, my guy!"
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That damn son of a b#tch he will fu#@ing pay for this damn yooooooouuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well That one dude who took my subway at train station will f@cking pay
by Dizzlenuts December 24, 2017
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When two piss drunk best friends need to puke, but there's only one toilet, and so little time.
"Dude, me and Tommy got so fucked up last night, that we did the old two dudes one toilet!"

Don't get drunk enough to have to do "Two Dudes One Toilet" with your best friend.
by Drunken Bastard June 21, 2021
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its just that one dude
hey its that one dude
by Natertater1633 November 15, 2020
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