the dick that all girls want because it hits the G spot the best
John hit me with that curved dick and i came so fast
by tityboiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii March 10, 2014
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Academia slang. A top student (high school higher) whos grades are so high that they make their fellow students look bad. Curve comes from the mathmatical term - normal distribution curve. Theory is that when educators rate, they adjust grading scale so that most people are average. The curve dick throws off the curve so the rest of students look worse than they normally would.

Meaning of dick here is "to screw someone over."
Susan's such a curve dick. She got a 97% on the test when the next highest grade was 71%.
by Blowfish July 31, 2005
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A variant of probability theory of the normal distribution or Gaussian distribution, as applied to how women minimize the number of men they have copulated with to appear more innocent and closer to normal, especially to a new boyfriend.
Jane "So when he asked me how many men I banged in my life, I told him 'five' even though it was really ten"

Jill "Why?"

Jane "Because I don't want my new man to think I am a skank."

Jill "You did a five dick curve"
by Dr. Agnes Freud September 28, 2010
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