Fok, used by South African (Afrikaans speaking) people meaning Fuck. It can be used in too many ways to mention like the word fuck.
Fok jou! - Fuck you!
Nou is ek gefok! - Now I'm fucked!
Ek het op gefok! - I fucked up!
O fok! - O fuck!
Ek gaan jou op fok! - I'm going to fuck you up!

Fokker - Fucker
Jou klein fokker. - You little fucker.
by Boying54 December 19, 2008
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An unfortunate asian last name that, although common in China, is laughed by English speaking mofos because of its resemblence to the work fuck. However, because the Fok people have endured the name calling all their childhood and early adulthood, it makes them all down to earth cool people. Biatch.
Sam Fok is so awesome I want to have his babies.
by sam fok February 18, 2005
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See also Fuck. Can be used in any for of anger or rudeness. Please feel free to use it at your disposal. It is quite enjoyable, just like the word cunt. Which you should look up also.
I wanna go get some fokin pizza, CUNT!
by seethefreak16 December 13, 2006
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Commonly used as "Fok jou" or "Fok of" or as a verb "Ek gaan haar fok" or "Die ding is fokken moeilik"
by Fokken twat September 27, 2018
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Shorter version of fuck but it’s cool
“Have you seen Ben’s foking ounce anywhere?”
“Nah man but it fokin sucks that he lost it.”
by Fuuuuh January 10, 2018
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Folks who are fucks.
"The foks at table nine are really getting on my last nerve."

When appropriate, use foks in place of folks, but make it subtle.

Example: You are a hostess at a restaurant. In walks a couple. You proceed to say "Hi folks, table for two?" However, if that same couple has an attitude problem or is in anyway rude, make it sound more like "Hi fucks" simply by stating "Hi foks, table for two?" They will never pick up on the subtly but as the same time you will reap the satisfaction of knowing you just insulted them.
by Stikki December 18, 2008
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