Used in Asia.
It means "I support you!" or kind of like a "I hope you do great!".
It's like a good sportsmanship thing.
It is an abbreviation of "Jia You".
*at an online game* Before the game started, each of the dance teams typed to each other "JY everyone!" and the competition began.
by Elleged May 9, 2007
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very amazing guy from the broasis discord server
jy: do not ping everyone bruh.
me: *cries*
by corcornort lover March 15, 2021
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A JY is a male specimen that has a very large penis.The biggest of the big. Every man wants to have a JY.
I cannot believe martin is a JY, did not see that coming??
by Fish pish May 7, 2020
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The name of a hot boy. He is Nice, caring and good at every sport. All the girls want to be with him but is too shy to ask anyone out.
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The common misspelling of KYS which means Kill yourself
Sweaty nerds often hit JYS instead with their fat fingers.
"How about you go JYS, KYS*"
by XinRSpectrum March 17, 2017
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That one guy who supports pink dot. Great friend yet we bully him. Sounds like a girl and sucks at singing. Gives us ear cancer stage 9000. That one morally right person.
Guy: Hey that guy has so much moral!!!
Me: He is obviously a JY!!! He sounds like a girl though.

**JY singing**
by ThatSneakyNinja August 8, 2017
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A common misspelling of KYS. Thought to mean "Josh yourself."
Person 1: JYS
Person 2: Josh yourself?
by floppyspud December 8, 2022
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