A euphemism for a homosexual, especially one who is closeted.

This is coined from the transparent defense of Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho), to charges of disorderly conduct, stemming from his apparent solicitation of an undercover officer, underneath the partition of a restroom stall.

Prior to pleading guilty, Sen. Craig attempted to explain his behavior by claiming that his shoe touched the officer's underneath the partition because he had a "wide stance", when going to the bathroom.
Genevieve is really crushing hard on the varsity QB. Someone should tell her that the dude has a wide stance.
by Sir Neville W.F.G. Mariner August 28, 2007
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The laughable explanation you give an arresting undercover officer with whom you tried to initiate sexual activity by reaching with YOUR FOOT into HIS STALL and MAKING DIRECT CONTACT with HIS FOOT.
Senator Larry Craig didn't intend to initiate stall sex, he simply has a WIDE STANCE.
by Edman Graham September 1, 2007
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Gay subculture term that describes solicitation of anonymous gay sex in public bathrooms. To have a "wide stance" means to invade the privacy of the adjacent stalls and find out if the occupier would respond to the advances. Wide Stance is usually preceded by foot taps or peering. For other definition see Cottaging.
Republican politicians often assume a wide stance in public bathrooms when trolling for sex in order to avoid the social stigma of homosexuality.
by LCR August 29, 2007
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A surfer who lacks the appropriate balance required for proficiency, thus needing his feet to be planted wider than normal in order to not fall off the board. Usually a beginner or otherwise kook lacking style.
Look at that wide stance kook proning in the whitewater!
by brentmcd October 1, 2007
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Refers to the stature of a male who has an over-abundance of genitalia.
Of course he has a wide stance; he's packing some serious sausage between his legs. Dude needs room.
by Project ACB October 1, 2007
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A term for a homosexual, conservative, white-collar person in a position of power who doesn't want his sexuality to be publicly revealed.
Trent Lott has a wide stance.
by Rundy September 6, 2007
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Naivete' term coined by U.S. Senator Larry Craig meaning a commodious position on a toilet seat so as not to have one's trousers fall to the floor, often with shoes of said person assuming the position touching the shoes of those in neighboring stalls. In reality, wide stance simply is 'trolling for homosexual sex in a public toilet.' It is a signal of interest for such activity.
"But, officer, I was just sitting at this 'wide stance' open angle on the commode so my pants wouldn't drop to the floor." (Senator Larry Craig to the arresting officer at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport toilet).
by Richard Black September 3, 2007
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