Bullet-proof excuse for soliciting sex from the man in the next cubicle in the men's room. Commonly used in concert with the even more convincing "I'm not gay."
Man 1: "Why did you attempt to grab my penis?"
Man 2: "I have a wide stance."

Man 1: "Why are you wearing pantyhoses and high heels?"
Man 2: "I have a wide stance."

Man 1: "Why are you such an asshole?"
Kim Jung Il: "I have a wide stance."
by Madmoses September 04, 2007
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A self explanatory term describing a type of modern snowboarder who wears tight pants and positions their bindings in an extra wide position on the board. They usually put a strong emphasis on jibbing and urban snowboarding, and prefer to ride such hip companies as capita, forecast, dinosaurs will die, santa cruz, rome, and especially holden.
That snowboarder just jumped on the tight pants wide stance bandwagon.
by da duh da duh da September 07, 2007
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an extremely wide stance while taking a shit - where the feet are placed in the next stall; an impossible toilet stance if the pants are around the ankles; clever excuse by Senator Larry Craig to deflect attention from more probing matters
What the hell are you doing tapping my foot, you pervert? Nah, man, I just got a wide bathroom stance.
by Snoopy Pugh April 17, 2008
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