Bob: Did you hear what Larry Craig told the cops when he was accused of trying to solicit bathroom sex with an undercover officer in the adjacent stall?

Tom: No I didn't, what did he say?

Bob: He said he just has a "wide stance"

Tom: That's bullshit.
by CJE October 5, 2007
v. the act of denying one's homosexuality in impossible and unbelievable circumstances.
After we caught Matt watching dude porn, he tried to Larry Craig us by claiming he was doing a research paper.
by gregfromnc August 31, 2007
A random sexual assignation in a public restroom. To get a Larry Craig, one must use the secret hand signal. Named after soon to be former Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho), who was caught asking an undercover cop for a Larry Craig. Similar to a George Michael.
What's more fun than those coin-operated massage chairs at the airport? Why, getting a Larry Craig down at the men's room, of course..
by Uncle Robert September 5, 2007
1 - A disgraced Idaho senator
2 - The act of extending one's legs under a toilet stall, in order to play footsies with the guy beside you, and denying you're homo.
3 - The act of solicting for cottaging acts.
Larry Craig denies he's gay.

Stop it Craig! You're making me horny and hard and I can't pee nor shit anymore!

Larry Craig's body language dictated the Minneapolis Police Officer who was going for a shit that he wanted to fuck him in the ass. Therefore he got arrested.
by Damn Damn Danno September 1, 2007
1.) An obviously closeted homosexual Senator from Idaho

2.) A closeted Homosexual who still denies being gay after being caught red-handed doing gay things.
1.) Larry Craig, the Senator from Idaho, should just give up and admit he likes dudes.

2.) When Daniel was caught with homo-erotic drawings he drew, he went all Larry Craig and said that it was for an Art Class.
by Patriotic Leftie January 28, 2008
Jeff: Dude, I need a facial.

Jake: Dude, that's some Larry Craig shit.
by BravoIndiaTangoCharlieHotel August 15, 2008
1. This is a verb meaning to sexually harass and or solicit sexual acts from a member of the same sex; or

2. A noun for a gay conservative Republican who solicits sexual acts from strangers in public restrooms.
When I was in the bathroom this dude tried to Larry Craig me. I was flattered but not interested.


I was at the club, and this girl Larry-Craiged my girlfriend--that's the story of my first threesome.


Dude, you are such a Larry Craig.
by D.raywilliams2007 August 29, 2007