3 definitions by Sir Neville W.F.G. Mariner

n., A personality type; one who is small or otherwise unobtrusive, and also bland, usually white, and kind of a square.

Derived from the thoroughly unexciting pears found in portable, lunch-pack bowls of mixed fruit sold by Dole, Del Monte, and supermarket knockoffs.
All his life, Mikey B. wanted to be dramatic and exciting. He cranked his techno albums to maximum volume, and rolled down his windows while cruising the boulevards of his parents' wealthy neighborhood. He once organized a crunk bake sale, for his high school chapter of Young Republicans (who had not yet co-opted the word, hyphy from hip, urban culture).

Yet, try as he might, nobody really noticed him. He was just a pear in the mixed fruit bowl of teenage society- small, white, bland, and kind of squarish.
by Sir Neville W.F.G. Mariner August 31, 2007
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A euphemism for a homosexual, especially one who is closeted.

This is coined from the transparent defense of Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho), to charges of disorderly conduct, stemming from his apparent solicitation of an undercover officer, underneath the partition of a restroom stall.

Prior to pleading guilty, Sen. Craig attempted to explain his behavior by claiming that his shoe touched the officer's underneath the partition because he had a "wide stance", when going to the bathroom.
Genevieve is really crushing hard on the varsity QB. Someone should tell her that the dude has a wide stance.
by Sir Neville W.F.G. Mariner August 28, 2007
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