He was very proficient in his task.
by Larstait November 16, 2003
"this game is dogshit"

sounds like a proficiency problem to me
by hudzell September 7, 2021
A worthless piece of paper given to an underachiever (or someone over 30 years old with at least one divorce under their belt) from the highly prestigious Community College arena . This piece of paper proudly demonstrates the receiver’s lack of brains and discipline to go to an actual College and receive an actual degree. See also, Participation Award.
“I got my Certificate of Proficiency in Mechatronics Operations in the mail finally!”
Friend: “And you’re proud of that, wow.”
by rrrrrrrrrfgrrrrgfdgdfgdfgdfgFF January 26, 2020
adj - to be skilled at managing a comfortable level of cannabis relations in life

verb - to partake in such a manner as listed above
Janet's been meditating and working on art really well lately; she appears toking proficient.
by gollygreen00 June 30, 2013