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This word is the singular version of "twice" "thrice" but can also just mean "one" in general.
I went there wice before.

I want wice goose.
by dstyc August 20, 2008
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an asian way 2 say rice
used in many foods including stir fry...mwoyes
Q:hey wong fu wat are you eating??? A:wice
by paul is cool September 28, 2006
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Idiocy a weird guy that puts yellow paper all over your stuff and yellow string
Wice Jiff
by Hejaidg June 23, 2017
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The official battle cry that people use in times of need. You should use this word if you want your enemy to feel intimidated. You should scream it with all of your might. Saying Wice too much can attract the great Sahaj, so do not waste the power. Remember, with great responsibily comes great yelling. Wice out!
Random kid - β€œWice had some lice, and then he had one prize, but he was Asian so he took the rice, so poor Wice had no choice as he cries for his prize...”

Another kid - β€œIf you don’t shut up, I will come to your house and beat you up. WICE!”
by Official [Wice] Creator March 19, 2019
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