An exclamation of immense frustration and awe an overpowering catastrophe that is about to happen.
mate: Iceberg right ahead!
captain smith: oh fuck!

alpha wing: bombs away!
guy at nagasaki: oh fuck!

stormtrooper: they are at the gates of berlin
hitler: Oh fuck!

Obi-wan: here comes Jar Jar again
Qui Gon: oh fuck!
by Gunkglumb May 24, 2005
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An expression of extreme suprise, excitement, love, and/or fear. It is often found conjugated with the words yes or no after its main context.
Eve: Here take this apple!
Adam: *munch* wait a second... oh fuck...

Captain Adama: The Cylons look like us now.
Starbuck: Oh fuck!

Girlfriend: Honey I think its time we had sex.
Boyfriend: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuck.

Teen 1: I heard Obama's goona legalize pot.
Teen 2: Oh fuck!
Parents: Oh fuck...
by the bad ferrett April 6, 2009
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Bruh: Yo I just got my girlfriends sister preggers
Bruh 2: Yo wtf, same!
Bruh: oh fuck
by Awesomenesskj July 27, 2019
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While working on a car, these are likely the first words that you will utter when you realize that you have broken an old, rusty bolt that you were trying to remove. When this particular bolt essentially puts the vehicle out of commission until it is resolved and you have, like, two hours to fix the problem, the "fuck" becomes an all-caps "FUCK" and is spoken accordingly.
"Alright, I removed 10 of 12 intake manifold bolts no problem. Now for number 11..."
"Oh fuck..."

Bob: This SOB bolt won't budge!
Joe: Try the breaker bar.
Bob: Alright, let's do it. Hnngh!
Bob: Oh fuck...

Bill: Oh fuck...
John: What happen?
Bill: I just broke one of the cylinder head mounting bolts.
John: What the fuck?! How did you, fuck it. You better sort it out because I told the customer the car would be ready in two hours.
Bill: But I need longer than...oh FUCK!
by Yeret September 27, 2015
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an expression of utter disagreement or pissed off-itude
Creepy rectal enthusiast: greetings stranger, may i place my thumb in your butt?
You: oh fuck no!
by BrownCaptainPhillips December 10, 2015
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1) used to describe a dangerous person, one who is so violent, he is simply named "Oh fuck"
2) the last thing uttered before something unfortunate happens to you, particularly to your bottom.
"who is that? Why's he comming over- OH FUCK!"
by dying english April 6, 2009
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The realization that you fucked up by cumming in your stepsister’s vagina.
Stepsis: Did you just fucking cum inside me!?
Stepbro: Oh fuck...
by InPoteex877 November 1, 2019
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