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The most badass mothafucka on the planet and the biggest boss around. affiliated with the diesels
mark- wow, frank just boned 3 chicks at once
susie- he is such a whompus!
by WC>SF October 22, 2010
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Any man or woman of an obese and sexually frustrated nature with triple chins and a jacrank attitude.
Did you see that fuckin' whompus cut me off?
by Lolita & Herb November 03, 2006
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its a substitution for any word you dont want to say, like when there's a teacher around and you dont want to get in trouble. it can be used as a noun, verb, adjective, etc.
"haha you have a small whompus!" , "I'll whack off your whompus if you don't shut up!"
by cat~cat November 23, 2009
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An elongated blunt object used to beat the living crap out of someone/something. The more unusual the object is, the more worthy of the term. Ceremonial whompi (plural form) are used specifically toward the destruction of anything festive in nature, such as Christmas Lawn ornaments.
Holy Shit!! Did you just see that lunatic hit that mall Santa over the head with that gigantic whompus? It looked like the knobby end of a hat rack painted black.
by Rutegar BoB September 05, 2012
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