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Long Beach Crew - as referred to by the undefeated west coast band, Sublime.
Well qualified to represent the lbc... me... me and Louie.
by Lolita & Herb November 3, 2006
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To be in a foul or otherwise crappy mood.
Somebody must have shat in your Cheerios, boo. You're all jacrank today.
by Lolita & Herb November 2, 2006
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Area south of Los Angeles International Airport known for it's jankiness.
Girl, I ain't driving my ass all the way out to Hawthorne. Why don't I just go to Compton? It's the same shit, mida.
by Lolita & Herb November 3, 2006
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Jim Carrey's exclamation of surprise and shock at the acquisition of new evidence, as seen in "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective". Can also denote happiness, digust, etc.
"Lois Einhorn? Missing hiker? Holy SHITBALLS!"
by Lolita & Herb March 16, 2007
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Defective, messed up, or otherwise janky.
DAYUMM! That bitch's face is blipped!

Shit, holmes. How do you get anywhere in that blipped ride o' yours?
by Lolita & Herb November 3, 2006
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Bacon and eggs, according to Dane Cook. A common breakfast meal.
I'm always game for B & E. That's delicious in my belly.
by Lolita & Herb November 3, 2006
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Term to denote cheap; something that pays very little.
Can you make very much on commercials anymore, or is it mostly easy coin?

This shirt? You know it was easy coin...
by Lolita & Herb November 8, 2006
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