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A term used to describe a state (commonly during cannibis smoking) where a person crosses the point of being pleasantly stoned and is overcome by sickness and a deep emotional downward spiral. The person becomes withdrawn, pale, shaky, and vomits, sometimes continuing to do so until they are only dry wretching. They may be unresponsive or unusually stubborn, refusing any offer of help and preferring to stay lying down or slouched in the vomitting positition until the whitey passes.

To some, whiteying is seen as the ultimate stoner faux-pas, a sign of weakness or inexperience; but in truth it can affect anyone whether they are an experienced toker or not. Some believe it is the result of smoking too much in too short a space of time, or of smoking on an empty stomach, or of having a low blood sugar level.
"I shouldn't have passed that bong to Steve. He's been whiteying in the corner for the past half hour."
by ShedYourSkin October 15, 2009
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