The name given to a woman whose vagina has been so inactive that it could literally be sealed by cobwebs.
Look at that nerd chick over there. Ain't no way Webs is getting any soon.
by will bitten December 21, 2016
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Imaginary item over a female or males genitals if it has been along time since they had sex. It's like a cob web over a unused doorway.
"Kim, how is your sex life?"
"Been a few months for me."

You must be covered with webs, I'll have to clean them off you!"
by oralb69 March 08, 2014
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A type of footwear, most commonly trainers
Mate, i just bought a new pair of Webs from the Market
by Steven Kirkpatrick September 25, 2007
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Webbing is the act of spreading your own fingers apart as wide as possible and placing the erect nipple of your significant other in the webbed area between your fingers and sliding your hand over the nipple and generally massaging the area.

Typically, webbing is performed during foreplay but in certain cultures it can be performed at any time of the day. As is custom, the nipple is placed in between the pointer and middle finger but other configurations consist of the ring and middle finger as well as the highly difficult - yet highly rewarding thumb and pointer finger combo. The act of webbing can be immensely pleasurable to to women if performed correctly and also offers the man a very high level of entertainment.

Webbing can also be performed with the toes, but amateurs should be very cautious when performing this maneuver for the first time as it has a high degree of difficulty. For further information on the dangers of toe-webbing, more is available on Wikipedia under the Helsinki Episode of 1919
Cole: Dude I was webbing that Russian chick so bad last night, she woke up with chafed nipples.
by TJ Juckson February 17, 2013
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The act of a man ejaculating into his hand and slapping his victim, usually a female in the face.
You just got webbed ho.
by Pro Fo Sho May 28, 2007
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The web is a drinking game played by the most American of Americans (THE AMERICANISTS.) The beautiful game traces its humble beginnings to Spokane, WA and Gonzaga University. To play the web coffee cups need to be set up on a quarter friendly table and after the ceremonial web chant, the action begins. The chant must be of a sufficient nature to scare little children. Each player attempts to bounce their quarter in a cup. If the quarter lands in the cup on the first attempt, the player may pass in either direction. The goal is to lap an inferior quarter bouncer. Upon lapping them, they have been officially webbed. If the person on the other side of the inferior quarter bouncer make it on the first try they can web the person again. The game is traditionally played with three cups but depending on the number of players 3 is not uncommon. Further, 4 and 5 cup games have been attempted with mixed success. The individual being webbed, must drink out or puke out. This rule is strictly enforced and any web game that doesn't observe this rule is no web at all. The web usually results in crunkness. The importance of patriotism and sexism cannot be underemphasized in the web, for it is the game where boys become men. It is a true battlefield for only the most glorious of warriors. Many strong men have blindly partaken in the web. Their lives have been changed indefinitely.
The web is the greatest game ever.
I webbed you.
You have been webbed.
Noun: weberee
Adjective: webtastic
Verb: webbing
by THE WEBEREE October 17, 2009
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A place of mysteries and unknowns. Where you can catch your daily dose of memes and fortnite
Adam: Jerry what are you doing?
Jerry: I'm doing The web Adam...
by LampStudiosDefinitions November 29, 2018
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