To gank, pilfer, filch, or purloin

Related to: Mooch
Priggish prick watkinsed my thumb drive!

I'm gonna watkins this shit!

That dude is always watkinsing computers from work, I've seen him with at least four laptops...
by dOobersNapz October 3, 2012
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the last name of a guy who is built like a tank. gets his dick wet by fine as chicks. throws bomb as parties. super sexy. funniest kid ever and has too much swag to handle.
O shit Watkins is here the parties started.
by jesse ruben July 7, 2011
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A sick welsh paedo who preys on little children like the child catcher for chitty chitty bang bang
Chad: Mate did you hear about Jimmy Savville?

Kevin: Yeah he's a total Watkins.
by Young and Hung December 20, 2012
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A Paedophile or nonce, named after Ian Watkins, the singer of Southern welsh sportswear toss-rock merchants Lost Prophets and his less-than-legitimate lolita fixation.
That Watkins that used to hang around outside the Maccies in town was kicked to death in prison.
by Colak December 19, 2012
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A 'Watkins' is the name given to a person who enjoys engaging in sexual acts with animals.
Hey Joe did you toss off your dog last summer?

Joe: Yeah I'm a total Watkins!
by WATTERZ94 July 13, 2010
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A person who is sad and moody all the time.

A person who is obsessed with Apple computers.


One who's farts are as emo as him and cut his asshole on the way out.

A person who collects razorblades.

A person who thinks he's getting out of the military any time soon.

A stalker photographer who claims to have sex with women who are unbelievably out of his league.

A person who makes up girlfriends.
Watkins, Shut the F**k up!!!
by Toolguy June 4, 2009
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1. a crazy girl that is so high on life that it is impossible to keep up with her!

2. tres bril and completely hot.

3. a girl that every guy is secretly in love with but is too intimidated by her awesomeness to feel like he could ever be amazing enough for her...and is usually true- therefore, she is also a heart-breaker
"So i hung out with Watkins!! last night"

"no way man! she is so hot!"

"I know. she is the most amazing girl i have, or will ever meet."

"Fo sho!"
by Hippie Ninja March 10, 2007
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