Occurs when a male gets his penis sucked or places his penis in a wet vagina. Simply taking showers or baths does not count as dick wetage
We went back to her place after dinner, and then I got my dick wet.
by Cchristo December 8, 2007
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when a boys wants to have sex with a female, he wants to get his dick wet. (sticks penis inside a wet vagina)
Cedrick says, "Man i need to get my dick wet" lol
KeKe says, "I'll wet your dick"
by Tee-Tee November 15, 2007
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The penis becomes moist and oversaturated due to stimulation
Ayo................ DICK WETNESS!
by plugDrew October 3, 2019
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Dick Wet, more commonly referred to as DW in the vernacular, is the act of getting your dick wet. Generally referring to getting wet through vaginal penetration, it can also on occasion refer to oral penetration.

It may also be abbreviated as D-dubz, but almost always is abbreviated simply as DW.
Going to get some DW tonight.

Dude, best dick wet I have ever gotten.

She definitely offered me some DW tonight, I'M SO TAKING IT!
by paulofrosty December 13, 2010
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When she sucks you but u stick it in her ear
Guy :Oh yeah thats good but turn your head Girl: oh wtf Guy cum on its just a Dick wet willy
by Www.wetwillyswithdicks.com December 5, 2018
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it is another term for having sex for a male. in other words its when your pentatrate your twat-sickle in the vagina and then it is wet
matt was at kelly's house getting the dick wet and having a good time
by n8ball April 11, 2006
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