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A rather rediculous, old Disney movie that has something to do with an old piece of fuck car and a god damn family that likes it. I think the car flies in the movie or some shit.

This can also be used as a slang term for sex.
"Chitty chitty bang bang we love you!!!"

"Man, I am fittin' to pull a funky bit o' the chitty chitty bang bang on that nice piece of whore bitch trash over there."
by E April 01, 2005
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Someone who injects any type of street drug and looks like a dirty loser who geeks on pointless things all day and night.
The majority of geekers on the eastside are hit and in my eyes are nothing but a chitty chitty bang bang
by him is hit July 17, 2010
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When two gay guy's fuck each other in the ass then clean off their cock's by sucking each other's clean.
Dwayne's breath was shitty after the chitty chitty bang bang .
by joe has a big willy May 06, 2009
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