A person or group of computer users that Terrorize the computer industry
with their inferior computers called Macs
A Maccie is very easy to identify, just insult Apple and you'll get a reply like this. "What did you say about Apple....I'm gonna strip a C4 to myself and take you out".
by BAM February 21, 2003
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That subset of Mac users who think that Apple is responsible for all innovations. They are brain dead zealots who issue insults and worse to authors who write articles that do not give unqualified praise to Apple and its products. Maccies are approximately 70% of all Mac users.
Everything Apple does is unique and original to them no matter how many times others have done it before.

The Maccie Credo
by Big Joe Mama May 4, 2007
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A person beloging to a group of people who create film, music, printed arts and all other forms of media for Windows PC users to truncate, overcompress and pirate inferior lo-fi copies of over the internet.
Dude, Maccies are a creative group of people!
by Sharon Tate July 24, 2005
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huge, great, the best, etc. also used like bare
'i hit a maccy goal'
by Stephanie Tooley January 19, 2007
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A person who causes intolerable irritation for any Windroid by steadfastly refusing to just go along with the rest of the herd and use Windoze.
Damn those Maccies! Why can't they realize that Apple will be going out of business any day now?!
by Timberwof August 2, 2006
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To do a Maccy is to fly in to the warzone and fail to deploy your parachute in turn breaking legs and becoming a massive burden on your team.
Oh shit I done a Maccy
by Tom steel is a Nonce January 15, 2021
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