Also known as Cap'n Crunch breakfast cereal. Will rip your mouth to shreds.
"Hey mom, will you get me a box of razorblades from the store?"
"Sure son, dirty razorblades or regular?"
"Regular, if they have it."
by t-crisis October 20, 2016
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A shit so painful it feels like a razorblade is coming out of your ass.
You ever shit a razorblade, it fucking hurts.
by ForceGrip86 April 21, 2011
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- I. razorblade, n. a thin, sharp-edged piece of steel that can be fitted into a razor

- II. razorblade, n. associated with "emo kids"; the so-called symbol or icon that "emo kids" get labeled with

- III. razorblade, n. someone or something that saves, rescues or relieves you, relieves you from your stress, helps you release your emotional pain, etc.

- IV. Razorblade Romance, n. Razorblade Romance is the second studio album by HIM, released on December 19, 1999 in Finland and January 24, 2000 in rest of Europe - save for the UK, where it was released May 15 2000. It was produced by John Fryer and distributed by the local BMG company. All songs and lyrics on the album, with the exception of Chris Isaak's Wicked Game, are composed by Ville Valo.

This is the album that made HIM huge in Europe when their single Join Me In Death was featured in the sci-fi movie The Thirteenth Floor. It reached #1 on German sales charts, going platinum, and is the biggest-selling single in Finnish music history.

Razorblade Romance was released shortly after in the U.S. under the moniker "HER". There was a jazz band in Chicago named HiM who did not want to give up the rights to their name, but eventually HIM bought the rights to use their name in the United States and now can release their albums under it. The American albums were released under Jimmy Franks Recording Company, run by Jimmy Pop, singer of the Pennsylvania band Bloodhound Gang. They released the HER 'Razorblade Romance' around the Boston area, and once HIM regained the rights to their name, they rereleased 'Razorblade Romance' nationwide under Universal Records.

Multiple versions of this album exist, including the Finnish and German version with tracks one to eleven below. The aforehand mentioned British version with a new versions of "Your Sweet Six Six Six" entitled "Your Sweet 666", and a new version of "Wicked Game". A new version of "It's All Tears (Drown In this Love) was also recorded for the album, but it didn't make it to the final track list (it was later made available on the UK version of the compilation And Love Said No). In addition to this, the title of "I Love You (Prelude to Tragedy)" was cut down to "I Love You" (there are no official statements that explain why). There are two different U.S. versions with the British tracklisting, plus "Sigillum Diaboli" and "One Last Time" (one had a Parental Advisory label and one did not); another U.S. edition released under the name "HER" with "The 9th Circle" added; a special U.S. vinyl released in 2005 featuring the same track listing of the U.S. CD; and a few others.
- I. The man bought another razorblade for his razor due to the fact that his previous one had broken.

- II. (self-explanatory)

- III. "She's my razorblade", "Music is my razorblade", etc.

- IV. "I just bought HIM's CD, RazorBlade Romance. It is the best one that HIM has produced by far."
by Jane<3 November 24, 2007
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a great song by the wonderful band blue october.
"omg i love razorblade! it's just such an amazing song!"
by justmeeee February 14, 2008
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Used to describe a horny bastard that always want to has their sexual pleasures met.
Young Drilla: See my man Adam dem man der is Razorblade
Young Killy: Innit mans moving bare mad styll
by Your mum's MCM November 6, 2020
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A definition to describe a conference is full of retards that remind you of a single person. The person it reminds you of is someone you really don't like.
Look M. , there are all Dura's here. Razorblade'd!
by GL. April 15, 2006
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Razorblade is a euphemism for oral sex.
Bianca razorbladed half of the football team at Florida State University, and all of Seal Team Six.
by Sechuan August 29, 2019
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