Water cow is a cow in a boat, owned by pewdiepie . pewdiepie also owns a sheep named water sheep. they are both from a minecraft letsplay
Pewdiepie:thanks for the delicious milk
Water cow:mooo
by Yoergen July 14, 2019
Also known as Boat Cow. Has the most delicious, heavenly, godsent milk in the world that will cure any disease, including cancer. This cow is currently owned by Swedish youtuber PewDiePie.
Pewds: Thank you for the delicious milk, Boat Cow.
Water Cow: Moo.
by SkirtingFish65 July 23, 2019
A fun way of referring to milk, the diary product that we consume as a drink or with cereal.
I want to eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch but I think we might be all out of Cow Water!
by Tha Real AG January 29, 2015
A robustly large female who retains everything, not just water, I mean EVERYTHING! A close relative to the sea donkey and the wombat, the water retaining sea cow moves with a shuffling gait, ambling along to her destination.
"I was walking down the road when this water retaining sea cow cut in front of me at the donut hut!"
by CrazyBob62 May 13, 2006
Morbidly obese woman. Often spotted in walmarts around the globe driving an electric scooter. Normally wearing a mumu of sorts resembling a shower curtain. Also known to frequently sit in delapitated residences watching reruns of Maury povich surrounded with an array of junk food around them and several cats. Not known for bathing or changing their mumus often. They live primarily off of cheetos and camel cigarettes. More often then not their life mate will be an awfully slender poor man who tends to wear wife beaters with mustard stains
Wow dude, your mom is quite the water bearing sea cow, but I still wanna fuck her silly.
by the one and only PRO-B January 3, 2016
A small animal that is irritating and offensive, coming forth from my girlfreinds mouth like a thousand spikes from a Tomb raider trap.
by Heatho November 18, 2006