1.You are missing out if you have not had Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
2.Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the best cereal to ever exist. Facts.
by WhyamIhere2 December 05, 2019
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1) The taste you can see!

2)Cereal which kids eat (or grownups who haven't grown very much)
1) What types of tastes can you see? CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH

2)The other day my kids ate cinnamon toast crunch. I did too.
by Mew9000!!! November 20, 2009
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When a male dips his balls in melted butter, then proceeds to roll them in cinnamon, then hits a girl in the face with them, the resulting impact should have a slightly crunchy sound.
Tom: Dude, what did you and Becky do last night?
Phil: We totally fucked, so for breakfast I gave her a little Cinnamon Toast Crunch!
Tom: Nice!
by shitsweak! January 06, 2010
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the best f*ckn manufactured cereal ever. period.
my friend almost suffocated because he couldn't stop to breathe while stuffing his mouth full of the shit. cinnamon toast crunch may even be considered better than sex. maybe...
by Mitchapalooza September 27, 2005
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1. A situation in which a person is to put as many pieces of Cinnamon Toast Crunch inside his/her nose or anus within the span of 45 seconds.
2. What people say as a witty substitute for "Cinnamon Challenge" in order to trick people or make them laugh.
Person 1: "25 likes and I'll do the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Challenge!"
Person 2: "What?"
Person 3: "I hope he tapes it."
by Anitsirk Vokinyela March 05, 2012
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The act of eat cereal as a means of skipping the normal time it takes to prepare food. Frequent among college kids.
"Class is in 2 minutes? Time for a Cinnamon Toast Time Crunch!"
by Creative@College April 23, 2010
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