2 definitions by the one and only PRO-B

Morbidly obese woman. Often spotted in walmarts around the globe driving an electric scooter. Normally wearing a mumu of sorts resembling a shower curtain. Also known to frequently sit in delapitated residences watching reruns of Maury povich surrounded with an array of junk food around them and several cats. Not known for bathing or changing their mumus often. They live primarily off of cheetos and camel cigarettes. More often then not their life mate will be an awfully slender poor man who tends to wear wife beaters with mustard stains
Wow dude, your mom is quite the water bearing sea cow, but I still wanna fuck her silly.
by the one and only PRO-B January 3, 2016
Penile fromage the term frogs or other homosexual French people would use in place of the term penis cheese or smegma
Jacques, I will pass on the second grilled penile fromage sandwich. Merci.
by the one and only PRO-B January 20, 2016