Used by Irish kids meaning what's the craic. Basically saying what are you up to, how are you, what are you doing. A friendly phrase of small talk.
Person One: "wtc siobhán"
Siobhán: "nm u"
by fanning January 20, 2015
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WTC or "What the CRISS" is the Quebec translation of the word WTF (What the fuck). Although primarily used in the 2000-2010 decades, some people, which are mainly internet gamers, uses it on a daily basis.
Eckou: I'm a sewer rat!
Jul: WTC?
by niofire October 26, 2011
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Acronym for "what the crap"
the lamer version of "wtf?!"
when Sally used 'wtc' on me, I almost..crapped my pants laughing so hard.
by Cassidyyy March 10, 2008
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Willing to Copulate, a classier version of DTF, for you high end folks commonly used in the Hollywood Hills or Manhatten
"Will you be WTC tonight?"
"I am so WTC tonight."
"Can I top off your wine and are you WTC this evening?"
by Brian Street Team January 21, 2009
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What The Capybara, extremely commonly used for people in Houston and Austin area that have obsessions with capybaras.
Patricia: Last night I walked into my restroom.
Fuzzie: And?
Patricia: And the toilet was gone.
Fuzzie: WTC?!
by Chris Fuzzie C August 29, 2007
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Synonymous to WTF. Replace the "F" word with "cuss", ergo, "what the cuss".

It is an alternative, and less vulgar phrase for WTF.

First heard in the movie "The Fantastic Mr. Fox"
Badger: You're not moving into the tree house.
Mr. Fox: Like "cuss" I'm not.
Badger: The butcher factories nearby are not safe for you to live near.
Mr. Fox: "WTC" are they gonna do? Blow my house down? Chop the tree down to smithereens?
Badger: Fine, we'll set up a meeting with the real estate agent.
Mr. Fox: Don't you ever "cussing" tell me what to do again? Do you "cussing" hear me?
Badger: Yes! I "cussing" hear you now get the "cuss" out of my den!
by foxcusshunter November 16, 2009
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