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1) Male name
2) Type of toilet paper
3) Someone from Scotland (see Scot)
1) Omg do you know Scott? He's so sexy!!!
2) I just took a shit and wiped my ass with Scotties toilet paper
3) Look at that Scot over there with his plaid skirt on
by Home slice August 21, 2009
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What girls say to their girlfriends. It means "love you like a wife"...pretty much the same as lylas.
I saw it in a girl's profile once.

"omg, I lylaw"
by Home slice August 15, 2005
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An annoying feature of Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2. It automatically downloads "critical updates" to fix security holes found almost daily in Internet Explorer and in other parts of the operating system, then it harasses you to restart your computer. If you click "Restart Later" the box will pop back up in about five minutes.
noob: Automatic Updates rules!
h4x0r: Don't use it...if you do I won't be able to hack your PC! Liek, omg!
by Home slice May 21, 2005
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When you stop posting on an online forum/message board for a while then suddenly come back, you have just came back from an e-coma.
Dude123: LOLZ
Dude123: LOLZ
by Home slice July 24, 2007
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BASKETBALL, where you (and only you) play against one other person
I played against Santiago in a one on one basketball game
by Home slice August 15, 2005
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One of Donald Trump's buildings in New York City. It is filled with luxurious appartments in the middle/upper floors, and a Starbucks Coffee in the lobby (which is open to the public). The Apprentice, Trump's hit TV show, is also filmed here, on one of the higher floors. I think there might be offices in it too...
Me: I went to the Trump Tower in New York, but I couldn't go up past the second floor.
by Home slice December 11, 2004
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An internet service provider is a company that supplies its customers access to the internet.

Common Internet Service Proviers: Earthlink, Verizon, Comcast, AOL, MSN, Adelphia, Bell Atlantic (now Verizon, unfortunately), Cox, Road Runner, NetZero, Joi, Juno, People PC, etc.
by Home slice August 22, 2005
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