a replica of what once was...
by soph. August 14, 2005
Anything that is designed or made to closely look like a particular object or subject, in order to perform such task as reenactments.
I designed a replica of John's head to reenact the crash, in order to figure out how to make car's safer
by Brian March 2, 2004
Replica (from Italian replica, to replicare, duplicate, from Latin replicare, repeat; academic language) is an exact copy or model of an object.
Hey wanna buy this Portal Gun?

No, it is a Replica...
by Lazermojo October 9, 2013
Cooking from an existing recipe, fucking it up but serving it anyways
"Didn't he say he cooked from granny's recipe?"

"Yeah but it's a total replica meal, discussing!!!"
by VinceDeBurger March 12, 2021
Just a copy/replica on the internet ,doing trolling, there are so many riders , but you can't be an original rider on the internet there are too many .
This guy is trying to be rider , he is a rider replica.
by Ryderreplica March 27, 2020