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Generally stands for "What the cringe". This is usually used as a response to a cringe-worthy situation.

You also may see "wtfc" which stands for "What the fucking cringe". This would be used as a response to an extremely cringey situation.
*Texting Chat*
Guy #1: "Yo guys! I just made eye contact with my crush! Omg I'm in love!"
Guy #2: "wtc did I just read"
by MattxGod February 09, 2017
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Used by Irish kids meaning what's the craic. Basically saying what are you up to, how are you, what are you doing. A friendly phrase of small talk.
Person One: "wtc siobhán"
Siobhán: "nm u"
by fanning January 20, 2015
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WTC or "What the CRISS" is the Quebec translation of the word WTF (What the fuck). Although primarily used in the 2000-2010 decades, some people, which are mainly internet gamers, uses it on a daily basis.
Eckou: I'm a sewer rat!
Jul: WTC?
by niofire October 26, 2011
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Willing to Copulate, a classier version of DTF, for you high end folks commonly used in the Hollywood Hills or Manhatten
"Will you be WTC tonight?"
"I am so WTC tonight."
"Can I top off your wine and are you WTC this evening?"
by Brian Street Team January 21, 2009
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Acronym for "what the crap"
the lamer version of "wtf?!"
when Sally used 'wtc' on me, I almost..crapped my pants laughing so hard.
by Cassidyyy March 10, 2008
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