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Giant rats that are twice as large as a cat. Very ferocious beasts which can chew metal like bubble gum.
Sewer rats are also very smart and should be respected.
by AYB April 04, 2003
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Ja Rule? A sewer rat? No way! A sewer rat can't be anywhere NEAR that repulsively ugly.
Ja Rule is so ugly he could give a sewer rat nightmares.
by sarcastic May 20, 2003
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I'm going to blast that fuckin sewer rat for being on norte territory.
by junior April 06, 2005
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Large man that looks like a rat in appearance. Masterbates often and plays video games always.
Sewer Rat is sitting at the main menu again masterbating.
by Kole Daddy May 24, 2016
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See Ja Rule.

An ugly rodent with oversized front teeth used to gnaw through just about anything.
I flipped the channels and came across that Rap City show on B.E.T.. At first, I wondered why the hell they were showing a dancing sewer rat on TV, but it turned out to be Ja Rule music video.
by hahaa April 26, 2004
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Someone who pursues a member of the opposite sex 'underground' through texting or facebook messaging with the sole intention of bangin her when the weekend arrives. (Also known as 'laying the foundations' or 'doing the ground work') The 'Sewer Rat' often keeps their texting secret from their friends, hence the word 'sewer' to describe the 'underground' nature of the work. When the weekend comes the sewer rat surfaces. It is often a suprise when the 'sewer ratters' mates see the ratter with his target due to the secretive nature of his actions in the build up to the night out. The 'pre-ratting' usually occurs during the working week before friday and can continue right up to the moment the ratter smells the rat inside the pub or the club they are both going to.

Origins: Derives from the verb: 'To Rat/To Rat on' - To seriously go after a female with the purpose of pulling them.
Dan: Dave pal, wheres Andy gone? He was here just now.
Dave: He's been with that bird all night, apparently he's been texting her all week. Think she's going back to his house.
Dan: He kept that quiet! He's such a sewer rat!
by Can I? April 01, 2009
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A greasy, usually short male between the ages of 12-19. In general, these males are pale in skin tone, and have a slightly grey tint to them. Most of them consider themselves to be cool, yet they're lacking in friends and character. Often, they have a napoleon complex, or are just rude in general. They usually wear dark colors, and may die their hair black, though they aren't in the "goth" category, and usually hang around nerdy blonde males. Most have crooked teeth, and are relatively straight edge. Though they try to deny their innocent tendencies, the average person can see right through them. They are not to be confused with "emos" They wear baggy clothing and though they may carry around guitars, they most likely can't play them. Many have rodent-like pointy features and noses, thus giving them the name "sewer rat".
"Ha ha ha. Look at that sewer rat over there! What did he do to his hair?"
by Squirmy Badger April 10, 2009
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