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A Swedish word coming from the Nordic tradition (the vikings) which they offer humans or animals to the gods in the darkest month of the year. Sweden is very dark and cold in the winter and the vikings were afraid it would never be warm and sunny again, so they started to cut animals and humans throat to make the gods happy and bring the sun back. SO when the Christians came to Scandinavia to force their gods on the brave vikings the vikings still kept the word julbot instead of Christmas.
"It's so dark here, do you think the sun will ever be back?" "I am not sure but I don't wanna risk anything so lets offer to the gods."

God Jul och Gott Nytt År!!!

What do you wish for this Jul? What do you want from santa (or Tomten which is the Swedish word)

Awesome Sven, It's finally julbot!! Let's execute humans and animals!!!!
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by WhiteTrashSuckingCock December 12, 2016
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the coolest chick on the face of the planet, fun loving and prank pulling, often seen at party's and get togethers with a sharpie and a camera
"dont pass out with your shoes on, i saw juls here"
by julsinthebox May 02, 2005
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1. n. The correct abbreviation for July. Although whoever uses it is a dumbass lazy bastard because all you have to do is add a 'y' on. I don't know why they create abbreviations for words if it's only removing one letter...
I was going to write July, but I just used Jul. since I'm lazy.
by BenjaminBunny April 07, 2005
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Someone who is juls, is extremely pessimistic and thinks of himself as better than anyone else.
You are so juls.
That is very juls of you.
by iwearmauve January 15, 2013
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An extremley annoying, fat, half-retarded teenager who isn't allowed to drive by himself (because his Mommy knows he can't drive) and steals our tax dollars ($700 a month to be exact). SARS is believed to have originated from this lifeform. Also see, SLCOOLJ
Oh shit, block him, its Juls!
by Curtis O'Brien May 22, 2003
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Someone who has SARS

Some one who is half retard

Someone whos other half has down sydrome
Don't go near him he has the Juls
by Mike T May 15, 2003
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