Vulgarity-iesTake all the most repulsive, rude and crude things you and your grandmother can think of and you have vulgarities...

1. coarseness, crudeness, crudity, in-decorum, indelicacy, ribaldry, rudeness, suggestiveness

2. bad taste, gaudiness, grossness, lacking refinement, tastelessness, tawdriness

3. boorish, coarse, loutish, oafish, rough, rude, and uncouth
1. Rusty Warren was famous for her vulgarities and irreverence.

2. I hate the vulgarities of drive ins.

3. For all his many and apparent vulgarities, Chris had a certain raw charm to Ann, my friend.
by aDIYguy December 3, 2010
A rude term. Crudely indecent. Deficient in taste, delicacy, or refinement. Uncouth. Sometimes offensive, often used with sexual innuendo's.
Examples are talking about sexual things in public like:
Number one: screaming, "PENIS!"
Number two: "Don't be so vulgar Willie."
by Samus. January 6, 2006
Some good christian people with strong faith shouldn't know about.
Vulgarity isn't a bad thing.
by bigmike April 28, 2004
The quality or state of being vulgar which includes vulgar language, material and actions.
by Sanjeev January 28, 2005
When you are being much vulgar.
Guy 1: "Boof Me!"
Guy 2: "Don't be so much vulgarism."
by Djl15! September 28, 2018
1. Concerned with surface attributes only.

2. One of several adjectives that perfectly describes a yuppie or a soccer mom. See also shallow, annoying, and arrogant.
Baylor is a vulgar soccer mom who talks loudly about her success in public.
by Bumkicker Slade April 30, 2005