7 definitions by Velosarapture

The opposite of Facebook, where people don't share their personal fucking bullshit online.
Realbook is having friendships in-person, not having to deal with people's fake lives online. An advantage of Realbook? Real friends, not fb friends. "It's official, they're dating, it says so on fb... (that's when the author shoots himself...)"
by Velosarapture July 23, 2014
A giant creature that lurks in the night to feed on dead souls, specifically; fans of the Twilight series.
The velosarapture took the souls of every Twilight series fan in history while they were sleeping.
by Velosarapture July 21, 2014
Here's shiny metal boxes for you urban dictionary; go fuck yourself, you piece of goddam motherfucking shit fuck you, fuck you, go to hell, fuck you, fuck your whole goddam motherfucking life
by Velosarapture July 21, 2014
Person 1: Ahhh chu!!!!
Person 2: dude, that was loud.
Person 1: I think I just had a sneizure (proceeds to blow nose in pain).
by Velosarapture August 5, 2014