Full of (the) vinegar: extremely bitter, throwing shade or slydigging.
Used mainly by the Achievement Hunter guys (youtube.com/letsplay), mostly by Gavin Free, Geoff Ramsey, and Michael Jones.
by percivaltheocelot June 7, 2014
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The only way a white person can say the "N word" without getting in trouble.
White guy: "Omg, look at that ****** across the street."

Black guy: "What you say white boy?!"

White guy: "I said vinegar! I'm going shopping!"

Black guy: "Oh, aiight you cool then bruh."
by Some guy roffl July 13, 2009
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A Vietnamese person who has never been to Vietnam but associates themselves with the country and acts like an African-American gangster from Compton. This person is also a smoker that frequently tempts biggers to blaze.
John: "Yo dawg im so hiiighhh"
Ishan: "uh WUZ HATNIN vinegar"
Ishan: "Look at that gay fag over there"
Bruce: "Yea, Eric loves penis. Stop being bigger."
Ishan: "W/e tigger and vinegar PCE"
by biggerbrownie November 9, 2010
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Condiment, essential to any honky white man's supper. Tasting of Quail eggs, HE-MAN once remarked "My goodness, i wouldn't be where i am today if it were not for Vinegar's acidity"

Yes Vinegar is tax-free, and for good reason, for indeed a dak chapter of Atlantis' history, is where they tried to tax vinegar, and the city sank like an unsinkable liner without sufficient lifeboats.
"oh man i love vinegar"

"how dare you tax my vin,,,,mnmmmgh,,hmd blop blop blop"
by Jeffrey Douglas August 31, 2006
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Fermented ethanol used in culinary practices, but also used as a backhanded racial slur.
by Mr Terence October 25, 2009
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term used to describe vietnamese people that try to act black. short for viet n(word) its slang like wigger is a white boi trying to be black
stop actiin black u vinegar.
DAmn vinegars make us look bad
by E.T. M March 20, 2005
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