adjective describing something faded in color and has become muted. also an adjective describing someone who is hazy, and usually tranquil and peaceful. it signifies that something is less vibrant or lively than it once was.
That shirt looks washed out. It used to be much more red than that, but now it's light pink.

He looks washed out, he must've spent a lot of time at work and is tired.
by thefriendlyhughes September 27, 2011
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The day after a night of drinking. When everything seems sharp and defined but cold. You cant put it all together. Its just too much and you walk around in a haze.
I feel so washed out after last night. I just want to go home to my darkened bedroom and pass out.
by ChristheSpyral March 28, 2006
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Someone or something that is waqq or not in style. A loser.
Mane, dat nigga washed out ova der wit dem highwater ass pants.
by elizabooatyahouse January 12, 2010
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To loose traction, usually while going around a turn. Used in many contexts, including cycling and motorsports.
Snowflake washed out around that last hairy turn and plowed into a tree.
by mikwat June 6, 2004
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To remove the chemical smells left over by cheap manufacturing processes.
"That looks like an okay blender, but be sure and wash the China out of it."
by Plasmaguy January 27, 2015
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A phrase often used by an angry spouse when their partner has described an inappropriate situation that they have been thinking about and the spouse would rather they didn't.
Peter: I'm just thinking about dem chicks! Dey were well fit! Banging!

Barbara: Go and wash your brain out!
by Barbara Peters February 4, 2010
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