Violeta comes from the color Violet and also the flower. Since Violet is a delicate flower, so is the woman that carries this sweet name. She is beautiful, sexy, outgoing, trustworthy and fun to be around. Violeta is very feminine, smart, strong yet sensitive. She knows what she wants in life and is hardly ever truly confused about anything. Very artistic and a romantic fool.
Tina: "If I ever have a girl I will name her Violeta!"
Martin: "She will be a heartbreaker for sure."
Tina: "She will be a smart, beautiful girl."
by Marilyn M. February 10, 2010
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Violeta is the best person I had even met in my life!!! She is the most beautiful in the group of girls, which you will notice straight away. She is very smart and trustworthy, you can trust her with anything! She will become your best friend and you won't be dissapointed in her. She has an amazing personality and I just love her!! People get often jealous of her. She is very kind and friendly. Overall...Violeta is the person you want to meet in your life!! 101/100
Omg...did you saw that girl...yes she is definately Violeta!!!

I agree...she is beautiful
by jshfkash,xsnchfajf December 3, 2013
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The most beautiful and smart girl ever. She can do anything. Almost always a scorpion.
I hope that one day I will be like Violeta, she is so cool.
A Violeta is officially the first human on Mars.
by EU1123 January 11, 2022
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Athletic,artistic chicken loving girl who is incredibly intelligent. She loves the tribal culture and has an amazing sense of humor. She's ready to fight yo ass.
Hey that's a Violeta.
Look at her running!
Running to the cornerstore I bet...
by Chiwolf2trey August 3, 2013
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uki uki daisuki. psyborg is bootiful. wrote his own song (deja vu) for his debut. way talented. also super unseiso.
uki violeta likes calling ppl a bitch. and ppl like it.
by your local traitor April 17, 2022
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On the 13th of every month is is National Violeta Day
Today is National Violeta Day
by XER101 February 28, 2022
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