A city located on the very northern part of Kentucky. Also the only city that really matters in Kentucky, because Shelbyville has a heroin problem and Lexington is too far away and boring. Sometimes they like to say they don’t live in Kentucky and in an attempt to separate themselves will refer to the area as Kentuckiana.

Kids here tend to think they are hot shit, but forget that they still live in Kentucky. Especially if they go to the infamous private schools such as Sacred Heart, Trinity, Saint X, and Assumption. the only other valid options for public schools are Manual and Atherton, which is a discount Manual. You’ll find them around Bardstown road in the Highlands area or in the only two malls worth going to, St. Matthews and


The pronunciation is a local only joke that no one finds funny when they put it on shirts, signs, stickers, and coffee mugs. Louisville is pronounced (Lewl-ville) and no one will say it other wise unless they live in Indian Hills.

Our mayor? he’s okay. Our downtown? trash. Our pending gang war between east and west? could be worse. The rates for suicides in our school system? All time high baby. Our teachers? Underpaid.
Are you going to Louisville for Derby?
No way man i’m not going to get groped in the college kid pit, and i’m broke.
by GoodGrief July 01, 2019
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Where sobriety goes to die.

(I.E. Bardstown road, 4th street Live, the infield at Derby.)
Conveniently located in the state that gave the world bourbon, Louisville's bars stay open till 4:00-- Unlike its faceless neighbor to the north, where they mostly drink smirnoff at crappy local shows until everyone goes home at 2.
by Celeritas 5k March 11, 2011
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A major metropolis of about 690,000 located along the Ohio River in the Lower Midwest. This is also the largest city in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It is the "Most Southern of Northern Cities."
We pass through and see the incredible skyline of Louisville on my way back to college in northern Kentucky.
by Ryan The Bush-Supporter February 06, 2005
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Largest city in Kentucky. Well known for Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Louisville Slugger and Bourbon. Has a great art scene~ including Louisville Ballet, Mellwood Art Center, Speed Museum, Trolley Hop and more. CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER has named 21c Museum and hotel #1 in the United States (#6 in the world) twice!
What is Louisville?

Located in Kentucky~ Medium sized city, with tons to offer :-)
by Treasure44e March 01, 2011
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a town on the Ohio River, home of the Lousiville Sluggar Museum. University of Louisville, Jefferson Community College, and other colleges share this lovely city. Located in The Great Commonwealth.
I live in Lousiville, Kentucky. I am a fan of the University of Lousiville Cardnals, winner of the 2005 Liberty Bowl.
by uofl_rocks January 30, 2005
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